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AMA Apprenticeship & Traineeship Services can provide you with an apprentice or trainee free of charge!

An established leader

As an established leader in the field of employment and training, AMA Apprenticeship & Traineeship Services offers assistance to employers who want to engage an apprentice or trainee. Backed by years of experience in the industry, our skilled consultants can help streamline and reduce the complexities involved in trainee and apprentice recruitment.

Our free service includes interviews, evaluations and advertisements aimed at selecting an apprentice or trainee who matches your specific business needs. We also provide support and guidance to apprentices and trainees to help them transition to the work environment.

Our services include:

  • Job Board: List your Apprenticeship and Traineeship positions on our website’s Job Board at no cost. Applicants can apply directly to you or AMA Apprenticeship & Traineeship Services can work with you to screen a shortlist.
  • Job Matching: An AMA Apprenticeship & Traineeship Services consultant will work with you to develop a flexible recruitment strategy, aimed at sourcing the most suitable apprentice or trainee for your business. In close consultation with you, we will identify your needs and match you with an apprentice or trainee that will be an asset to your business.
  • Evaluations: Our experienced AMA Apprenticeship & Traineeship Services team can interview candidates and present you with a shortlist of screened applicants for consideration.
  • Tailor-made Testing: If required, we can arrange skills testing to streamline the final selection process.
  • Support and Guidance: Over the course of the selection process, and during the early phase of a new appointment, AMA Apprenticeship & Traineeship Services consultants will continue to offer support and assistance to employers, apprentices and trainees.
  • School Based Trainees: Using our extensive network of school-based contacts, AMA Apprenticeship & Traineeship Services can provide employers access to a wide range of suitable trainees. Businesses can employ a trainee for one or two days a week without having to manage otherwise time-consuming administrative responsibilities. AMA Apprenticeship & Traineeship Services offers continued support to trainees as they transition from school to employment, making the school-based approach an excellent, cost-effective option for employers.

If you are interested in employing an apprentice or trainee, or our complete range of education and training services, please contact AMA Apprenticeship & Traineeship Services to speak with one of our trained consultants.

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