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The AMA (WA), through its Apprenticeship & Traineeship Services (AMAATS), provides support to apprentices, trainees and employers, assisting them to develop successful training and employment arrangements.

Established in 1998, the AMAATS has commenced nearly 70,000 apprentices and trainees across a range of industries within the Perth metropolitan area. Key services provided by AMAATS include the development and signing of training contracts, providing access to Australian Government incentive payments and a range of in-field mentoring and support.

“A healthier community through employment”

These services fit within the AMA (WA)’s vision of ‘a healthier community through employment’ and AMA (WA) members have benefitted from these initiatives by having access to staff that have been trained to their expectations, and who have the capacity to seamlessly transition into the workplace.

AMAATS receives partial-funding from the Australian Government to deliver these services, under a contract which expired in June 2015. In December 2014, the AMA (WA) successfully tendered to deliver state-wide services until 2018. As a result, AMAATS has expanded its services state wide, where we look forward to working with local communities and businesses.

Members looking to build their businesses should contact the AMA office to discuss their workforce development needs.

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