Dr Yes


Dr YES (Youth Education Sessions) is a school-based health initiative which sees specially trained volunteer medical students to visit and run workshops in metropolitan and rural high schools. The workshops feature a structured program which encourages frank, open discussions on topics concerning youth health such as drugs and alcohol, sexual health and mental health.

The underlying purpose of all the sessions is to help high school students make healthy choices in risky situations. The medical students discuss the issues high school students face with the aim of equipping them with the confidence and knowledge necessary to make that healthy choice.

The sessions at the schools are fun, entertaining and informative, helping to provide accurate information about topics that may not normally be discussed with a teacher. Dr YES is incredibly successful due to the fact that the messages are provided by medical students who are not much older than the high school students themselves. This helps students to develop an atmosphere of mutual respect and confidence.

For further information on the Dr Yes program, please visit the Australian Medical Association (WA)’s website: http://dryes.amawa.com.au/


Youth Friendly Doctors

The Youth Friendly Doctor program provides contemporary training for doctors in adolescent health issues and effective communication strategies. A Youth Friendly Doctor is specially trained in dealing with issues that affect young people, including.

  • Connecting with Young People
  • Young People, Ethics and the Law
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Sexual Health
  • Mental Health
  • Eating Disorders and Obesity

Youth Friendly Doctors are able to communicate more effectively with young people and break down many of the barriers young people face in health care.

For further information on the Youth Friendly Doctor program, please visit the Australian Medical Association (WA)’s website: https://www.amawa.com.au/public-community-health/in-the-community/listofyouthfriendlydoctors/


Workplace mental health

 A mentally healthy workplace is one which implements mental health strategies across all of its levels.

This approach is necessary as there are many overlapping factors which contribute to a mentally healthy workplace, including the culture of the organisation, the design of its job roles, establishing an appropriate home/work balance and conflict resolution strategies. Focusing on each of these as a single risk factor in isolation is therefore unlikely to create a mentally healthy workplace.

The positive in this is that many existing work-based factors identified can be modified and so employers should feel confident that there are strategies and interventions they can use to make a difference and make a workplace more mentally healthy.

Every workplace can, therefore, play a key role in both preventing the development of mental illness, and further, can assist in early access to support services, prompt treatment and a full recovery.

AMA ATS can assist Western Australian employers to improve the mental health of their workplaces through access to our dedicated prevention-focused health program, Work Better.

The Work Better program has developed a suite of resources (guidance materials, online awareness courses, accredited and non-accredited short courses) that are easy to use, promote workforce engagement and support employers to implement an evidence-based approach to improving workplace mental health.

Employers seeking information on how Work Better can assist them should contact the AMA ATS office on 9273 3042.